Welcome to Atoka Family Fellowship Church -Millington, TN.

About our Ministry

Atoka Family Fellowship-Millington is a  nondenominational church in Millington ,TN. As a family of believers we seek God and love people as we tell his story. 

Through prayer and petition of God we moved from Atoka, TN. in September 2016 to continue our ministry in Millington. 

Atoka Family Fellowship In Millington offers many mission services including daycare and academics.

Mission Statement and Purpose

Atoka Family Fellowship is a spirit-led church that seeks to reach people; one person at a time. We believe God wants to connect to his children and he did that thru His son Jesus and currently does that thru the Holy Spirit. As a family of believers, our mission and purpose is to focus on God's word, encourage spiritual growth among each other, reach the lost with the gospel, and to promote unity among believers.


Adult Ministry

Youth Ministry

Children's Ministry

Infant Care Ministry

Music Ministry

Women's Ministry-S.A.L.T. Sisters

Daycare Ministry 8 weeks - 4 years old

School Ministry Kindergarten

School Ministry Grades 1-6

School Ministry Grades 7-12


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If you would like to visit with our church pastor or church family please stop by! As Christ loves each of us we too love all of our neighbors, friends, and church family. 

Atoka Family Fellowship Church-Millington, TN

6083 Old Millington Rd, Millington, Tennessee 38053, United States

(901) 443-5889

Service Hours

Wednesday Night Bible Study: 7pm

Thursday Morning Prayer Meeting: 10am 

Sunday Service:

Sunday School: 10am until 10:45am

Sunday Worship Service: 11am