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Academic Excellence

Atoka Family Fellowship Academy expects every student to work to achieve a set of eternal standards that has been defined by the school and its school board. AFFA expects its students  to set ambitious academic goals to obtain educational success during their high school career and beyond.  Setting academic goals helps students obtain achievements and accomplishments throughout their academic careers. These goals range from the short term to the long term and include various personal objectives.


English Grade 7

Emphasizes mastery of the parts of speech and grammar mechanics through practical application in writing assignments, including essays, creative writing, and varied genres of poetry.  Topical literature units include courage and generosity as well as an overview of folk literature and focus on higher-order thinking skills.

English Grade 8

Reviews and then builds on the basics of grammar, stressing a more complex sentence structure than previously learned. Evaluates various literature stories for applicable lessons, writing styles used by the author and literary devices. Integrates grammar and literature into compositions such as news articles, essays, creative writing and advertising. Vocabulary, spelling and study skills also compose a part of the study. Through all aspects of study, course incorporates technology to enhance learning


Fundamentals of Math 7

Includes a review of material learned in elementary school mixed with an introduction to the basics of high school math. Reviews the concepts of whole numbers, fractions and decimals and includes the beginning study of algebra and geometry along with ratios, percents, measurement, sets and integers.


Pre-Algebra covers a variety of mathematical concepts, including the geometric topics of perimeter, area and volume. Most of the topics are important preparation for algebra—integers, percent, equations, inequalities, graphing, slope, intercepts, polynomials, and operations with radicals.

Additional Grade 7 Study Courses

Life Science Grade 7

Consists of a basic survey of biology, including the cell, genetics, creation versus evolution, the kingdoms of organisms, and human anatomy and physiology. Involves some limited lab opportunities, including dissection and the use of microscopes. Requires an insect collection at the beginning of the school year.'s

World Study's 7

Begins with a review of ancient history then covers the history of the world from the Middle Ages to the present. Uses current events throughout the year to illustrate “history happening now.” Includes a significant emphasis on current world geography.

Physical Education Grade 7

Focuses on learning the basic rules and fundamentals of team sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer. Incorporates fitness activities and games.

Additional Grade 8 Study Courses

Physical Education Grade 8

Focuses on learning the basic rules and fundamentals of team sports such as basketball, volleyball and soccer. Incorporates fitness activities and games.

Earth Science 8

Studies God’s glory in creation. Consists of a study of the heavens and the earth’s motions, including topics such as instruments of astronomy, telescopes, the solar system, stars, galaxies, nebulae and other objects of the universe. Examines the oceans and the ground water system. Focuses also on meteorology, geology, creation versus evolution, earthquakes and volcanoes. Involves a small rock collection and a rocketry project.

U. S. History 8

Covers the time period of American history starting with the earliest European exploration of America through the current day. Emphasizes the development of the political philosophies that drove the founding of the democratic Republic, weaving in the history of the religious influences of each time period. Deals in depth with the Constitution and the elections and administrations of the various presidents, including developments and wars, inventions, and progress toward a modern and prosperous civilization.

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