AFF Academy High School Courses

English 9

Helps students review the parts of speech and identify types of phrases and clauses. Uses the study of literature to identify, analyze and evaluate the fundamentals of the short story, including conflict, character, theme, structure, point of view and moral tone. Builds toward the five-paragraph argumentative essay through freshman-level composition.

English 10

What's something exciting your business offers? Say it here.Offers a general review of freshman-level grammar concepts, highlighting units on parts of speech, sentence structure, serious errors and punctuation.  Emphasizes through literature selections an understanding of several genres and basic figures of speech and sound. Focuses on both formal and creative writing.

English 11

Provides an overview of American writers and literature from the Colonial period through the modern age. Integrates basic grammar review and vocabulary study. Instructs in library resource skills and composition techniques. Composition focus includes literary analysis, creative writing, and a formal research paper.

English 12

Surveys British literature and history with a study of writers from the Old English period through the Victorian period. Correlates special units in writing that include essays, poetry, and literary analysis. Provides college-preparatory writing instruction in style, logical thinking, and persuasion. Integrates frequent grammar review with the writing process.

High School Mathematics

Algebra I

Introduces basic algebraic concepts, including real number subsets and operations, polynomial operations and factoring, solving equations (linear, radical, rational and quadratic), solving word problems, and graphing lines, functions and inequalities.

Algebra II

Reviews elementary algebra with an emphasis on solving equations and graphing functions. Expands to include solving and graphing higher degree, complex, rational, and radical equations and functions. Integrates models of real-world problems.


Teaches an appreciation of the attributes of our great God and teaches logical thinking skills using the medium of Euclidean plane and solid geometry. Includes topics such as proofs, logic, area, volume, constructions, trigonometry and transformations.

Consumer Math

Emphasizes practical mathematical application in everyday situations such as paying taxes, maintaining a checkbook, buying a car, buying a house, obtaining credit, avoiding debt and purchasing insurance. Seeks to show all these things in the light of God’s Word.


Study of algebraic (polynomial, rational, radical) and transcendental (trigonometric, exponential, logarithmic) functions, including an introduction to conics and polar coordinates.

High School Science Study's

Physical Science

Covers the definition and measurement of matter, introductory chemistry and basic physics, along with atomic theory, the periodic table, acids and bases, motion, and energy. Teaches science as an observational and experimental subject in which students perform experiments and analyze data mathematically and logically.

Fundamentals of Anatomy and Physiology

Includes a study of the human body systems from anatomical, physiological, and histological perspectives. Presents the integration of systems as they maintain homeostasis related to normal health and introduces pathological conditions to clarify normal functioning. Emphasizes that man is a special creation of God and that he is accountable to God for how he cares for his body.

Fundamentals of Biology

Introduces the general biological topics, such as the definition of life, biochemistry, cell structure and function, biotechnology, genetics, and creation/evolution. Surveys the organisms in the living kingdoms. Discusses ecological principles and their relation to a Christian position. Presents biological and scriptural topics needed for a Christian to make wise and spiritual science-related life decisions.

Fundamentals of Chemistry

Introduces the fundamental characteristics of matter and kinetic theory, as well as an overview of related fields. Presents the foundational ideas behind atomic structure, chemical bonding, the periodic chart, acids and bases, organic chemistry and biochemistry. Stresses non-mathematical applications of chemistry and identifies the marvels of design in creation.

Additional Course Work

Bible Study's

The Bible program seeks to give our students a strong understanding of scriptural truths and applications that they will be able to take with them into life. Classes are divided by gender from seventh through eleventh grades.

Physical Fitness

Teaches fundamental skills, team play, conditioning, strategy, history and terminology and other phases of various individual and team sports. Places an emphasis upon lifetime activities and principles of personal health and fitness.

American Government

Introduces students to general biblical principles of governmental authority before detailing the philosophy, purpose and practice of the United States Constitution. Also explores federal law and American politics. Places a strong emphasis on current events. Includes a mock congress for the purpose of showing young people how a Christian can serve God in government today.


Introduces students to economic principles such as capitalism, supply and demand, markets, and investing. Seeks to develop Christian stewardship, including discussion of materialism and biblical decision making. Uses current events to illustrate the outcome of financial choices..

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