Infant-K4 Daycare

Early Childhood Education

 Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

Atoka Family Fellowship-Millington preschool offers a  clean, safe, friendly learning environment for all children enrolled in our preschool. 

We steadfastly believe in the truth of our Lord Jesus Christ and incorporate biblical teachings into each classroom within our center. 

Our friendly and knowledgeable staff work hand in hand with our parents to develop the cognitive, physical, emotional, and social growth of each child enrolled in our program.


Atoka Family Fellowship-Millington students enrolled in grades K-2 through K-4 utilizes a curriculum that identifies the needs of each child based on the cognitive and emotional growth of the enrolled child. 

The curriculum focuses on:

  • Number Identification
  • Alphabet
  • Phonics
  • Letter Sounds
  • Reading
  • Listening Comprehension

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Atoka Family Fellowship-Millington begins enrolling children as early as 8 weeks old. Each infant must meet all guidelines as set forth by the State of Tennessee before being enrolled in the program. Call our office for more details. 

Toddler 1 year

As our infants began to grow the needs of the child begin to change. As of result of this growth our qualified professionals help parents identify the growth and need of the child. The child's emotional, cognitive, and social behavior change and the need for a more  defined  classroom environment becomes necessary. We often begin transitioning children when these needs are identified from the Infant environment to the Toddler 1 environment. Potty habits change, physical behaviors change, gross and fine motor skills are beginning to develop rapidly, and the child needs more interaction with other children. Our Toddler 1 and Toddler 1 transition classroom serve the child's individual need based on growth to better prepare their physical and mental development.

Toddler 2-3

Atoka Family Fellowship begins to incorporate a basic education curriculum and chapel for our two and three year old children. As most parents can identify children become very imaginative and their minds become very sharp during this time period of their lives. AFFA uses this creative time to instruct the children in basic and important educational needs. Each parent with children in these grade levels can expect their children to begin learning basic math concepts, number recognition, the alphabet, word sounds, colors, shapes, direction, body parts, and even music. The children will also have an opportunity to begin developing physically through engaging in more physical play activities such as climbing, running, swinging, and playing  outdoor games. Social skills will also be taught, for example, sharing and resolving conflicts.

Each Wednesday the children are brought into the chapel of our church to learn more about Jesus and the bible by engaging in biblical song, activity, and lessons. 


The Toddler 4 classroom has been identified by parents and educators as one of the most important educational environments before a child enters Kindergarten. During this time in a child's life the child begins to think and understand rapidly, the child's language begins to better develop, ideas develop, social skills sharpen, and the emotional needs begin to become evident. Our curriculum plays a big part in helping your child to develop in these concentrated areas. The children enrolled in Pre-K receive a very thorough introduction to academics. The children continue to focus on each aspect of their toddler three education with growth focused more intently on math, language, science, social interaction, music, reading. The children will begin age appropriate reading lessons along with social studies. Play becomes very important to the child's development. Our curriculum will introduce the child to creative learning through play. The child will learn to identify feelings, to dance, to sing, and even to act through play.

Each Wednesday along with the Toddler two and three classes the Pre-K children are brought into the chapel of our church to learn more about Jesus and the bible by engaging in biblical song, activity, and lessons.   

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